Our pelagic trip leaders and spotters are among the best seabirders in the world. they are all volunteers but they work hard because they love seabirds and they like to share their knowledge about them with others.  If you are interested in becoming a Seabirding leader contact Brian Patteson, but be advised the bar is high.  In 2014 we began a Junior Leader program to give younger birders a chance to work with our seasoned leaders and get some experience leading trips.  Chloe Walker was the first young birder to participate and she helped us as a leader in 2017!  Sage Church also participated and helped us as a leader in 2018. Contact us if you are interested in joining us as a Junior Leader!

Seabirding Leaders and Spotters on your trip in 2021 might include:

Brian Patteson

Kate Sutherland

Ned Brinkley *now he is with us in spirit on every trip…

Steve Howell

Todd McGrath

David Shoch

George Armistead

Nate Dias

Chris Sloan

Seabird McKeon

Nick Bonomo

Lev Frid

Dave Pereksta

Kyle Kittelberger

Nate Swick

Tom Johnson

Doug Gochfeld

Jeff Lemons

Peter Flood

Lucas Bobay

Ed Corey

Nick Newberry

Sage Church

Andrew Dreelin

Jacob Farmer

Liam Waters

Steve Backus

Andrew Rapp

Jason Denesevich

Paul Laurent

Kate Sutherland, who is also a great spotter and leader, has kept our seabird records for twenty-one years now.  Kate’s hard work had been instrumental in our successes to date.